DECO LED Gladetino

DECO Lighting's all-new Gladetino is a revolutionary low-profile LED area light fixture designed for roadways and parking lots, intended to provide maximum lumen output and beam uniformity. The Gladetino is available in two different form factors with a range of lumen packages and an option for 95 CRI light output. The fixture’s performance is accompanied by a wide array of optic types and mounting options for various applications. Additional options like dimming, motion sensing, and photocell, paired with an operating temperature of -30° to +55°C, make it the ideal solution for roadways and parking area



The Gladetino features next-generation digitalOPTIX from DECO Lighting that deliver up to 40,000 lumens of crisp, pure illumination. The distribution is defined and controlled, providing brilliant light where it is needed and preventing light trespass into unwanted areas. This optical efficiency along with DECO's unique LED board design come together to create an innovative platform that delivers light at up to 150 lumens per watt, a state-of-the-art level of performance that is unmatched in the industry.

Lumen Maintenance
The extended lifetime delivered by under-driving the industry’s finest LEDs offers several benefits over the traditional HID systems, from eliminating the cost of bulb replacement to the advantage of using a product that depreciates less than 7% over the course of 10 years – which enables DECO to cover lumen depreciation under our already extensive warranty.
Durable Fixture
Gladetino fixture housings are built using pure A360 non-recycled aluminum ingot and precision - designed optical lenses formed from silicone. Staggered heat fins located on the top of Gladetino fixtures create a massive surface area for efficient thermal dissipation. 
Labor Included
In addition to covering the entire fixture, including the LED driver, our warranty includes a labor allowance should any issue arise within the warranty period that requires labor to be performed during the correction or replacement process.