Deco Lighting DHL-LP-LED Low Profile LED Linear High/Low Bay

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• Available in 2' and 4' packages from 65W-265W at 4000K
• DLC Premium listed on all available lumen packages
• Delivers up to 132 lm/W
• 84+ CRI Rating for crisp, precise illumination
• Projected Lifetime: 190,000 Hours (L80); 98,000 Hours (L90)
• Operating temp: -20° to +50°C Ambient
• UL Listed; IP54 rated to withstand warehouse environments

The DHL-LP-LED is an innovative interior high bay lighting luminaire that delivers top-end performance packaged into a sleek form factor. This low-profile linear high bay/low bay luminaire offers commercial and industrial building owners an all-in-one solution for illuminating their facility while drastically reducing energy consumption to aid their bottom line. The DHL-LP-LED high bay luminaire features top-quality construction, a range of lumen packages, and various control options that make it a versatile solution for commercial and industrial building owners looking to upgrade to next-generation LED technology.

Occupancy Sensor

The HBP-100 series occupancy sensors are designed for automatic lighting control in high or low bay applications. All models contain a passive infrared  (PIR) sensor and a lens engineered to provide reliable coverage from a wide range of mounting heights. Sensitivity and time delay adjustments are set using trimpots conveniently located on the sensor module. The HBP-111 can also be adjusted remotely using a handheld configuration tool (FSIR-100). Both models include a hold-off daylighting light level feature to prevent lighting from turning on when occupancy is detected when there is sufficient ambient light available. The HBP-111 includes extra features that can be enabled or disabled via the FSIR-100. Features include burn-in mode, walkthrough mode, visual alert and occupancy mode.

• Indoor use only
• Flexible mounting option
• Operating Temperature: 32°F to 158°F (0ºC to 70ºC)
• Snap-in mounting hardware
• Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
• UL and cUL listed
• Line voltage for direct connection to load 120, 277, 347V, 60Hz
or 230V, single phase 50Hz operation
• Easy mounting using knockout at end of remove high bay luminaire
• Power consumption: 0.2W
• Weight 6.4oz (181g)
• Adjustable hold-off daylighting level
• Adjustable time delay and sensitivity

Step Dimming & Bi-Level


The FSP-2x1B is a family of passive infrared (PIR) outdoor sensors that raise or lower the electric lighting level to high, low or off based on motion and/ or daylight contribution. Typically, once the sensor stops detecting movement and the time delay elapses, lights will first fade to low mode, and eventually switch off. When motion is detected, the sensor ramps the light level to high mode unless the daylight contribution is sufficient.The integral photocell can also switch the lights on and off for dusk to dawn control, so that lighting remains on overnight even without motion detection.The sensors control 0-10VDC or nondimming LED drivers or ballasts. The low voltage FSP-201B may be used with dim-to-off drivers or ballasts.Initial setup and subsequent sensor adjustments are made using a Wireless Handheld Configuration Tool (FSIR-100). This tool enables adjustment of sensor parameters including high/low mode, sensitivity, time delay, cut off and more.The FSIR-100 can read current parameter settings, and stores up to six sensor parameter profiles to speed commissioning of multiple sensors.The FSP-2x1B family is available in three configurations for mounting inside a fixture, to the outside of a fixture or enclosure via a 1/2” knockout, or to a pole.

IP65 Microwave Motion Sensor

The MC031V sensor is innovative and active motion detectors with HF system 5.8GHz. Motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials. except the higher mounting height 15m Max. The sensors allow energy saving without compromising comfort. When used in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts, they can achieve 3-step dimming function, which is perfect for use in some areas that requires a light change notice before totally switch off. Also, the 1-10V interface in the sensors can match up with Merrytek stand-alone daylight sensor MS01, and implement daylight harvesting, means the lighting system has automated controls that either turn off or dim artificial light in response to the available daylight in the space.


• Automatic dimming when used in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts.
• Built-in adjustable daylight sensor.
• 1-10V interface can match up with Merrytek stand-alone daylight sensor MS01 and
achieve daylight harvesting.
• Detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be precisely set via DIP
• Wide detection area, range up to 16m in diameter and mounting height 15M Max.
suitable for warehouse use.
• Optional mounting brackets for different application.

More Information
Efficacy (Lumens/Watt) 65W/8092, 90W/11606, 135W/17067, 178W/23265, 265W/34443
CRI 84+
Color Temperature 4000K
LED lifetime (L70) 295,000 Hours
Operating Temperature -20° to +50°C Ambient
Color Temperature 4000K
Dimming 0-10V Dimming Standard
Length (in.) 12.6
Width (in.) 23.81, 45.91
Height (in.) 3.62
Warranty 10 yr. Limited Warranty
Lens Frosted
Reflector highly reflective coating
Work Environment commercial and industrial building
Wattage 65W, 90W, 135W, 178W, 265W
Power Factor >0.95
THD <10%
Brand Name Deco Lighting
Part Number DHL-LP-LED
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