Deco Lighting BLLT-LED IP65 Bullet Highbay

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• High efficiency specular aluminum reflector for uniform symmetrical light distribution.
• Provides 100,000 hrs life, 50% energy savings, excellent color and system efficiency.
• Precision die-cast aluminum hosing with integral fins for efficient heat dissipation and long service life.
• U.L. Listed
• Full gasketed die-cast aluminum lens frame with tamperproof fasteners.
• Clear impact resistant tempered glass lens.
• Integral O-ring for power hook or chain mounting.

Dramatic design, innovative new Bullet High Bay luminaire is sealed and weatherproof, IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor applications, including hosed down areas. Bullet is a distinctive architectural solution for commercial interiors with high open ceilings, including atriums, lobbies, auto dealership  showrooms, convention centers, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, and airport terminals.  With a sealed weatherproof design, the Bullet is suitable for exterior entrances of office buildings,  hotels, condos & apartments, movie theaters, airport departure areas, canopies, outdoor markets and  shopping centers.

MacAdam Ellipse

A MacAdam ellipse is a region on a chromaticity diagram which contains all colors which are indistinguishable, to the average human eye, from the color at the center of the ellipse. This measure helps to establish the variability in color a light source can exhibit before a general observer will notice the shift in color. Each standard deviation out from the target center is referred to as a MacAdam step, with ANSI recommending that lamp manufacturers stay within a “4-step” ellipse. This 4-step MacAdam minimum requirement means that lamp manufacturers are given a great deal of allowance regarding the perceptible differences in color properties of their fixtures versus what they advertise. Deco Lighting uses only the finest LEDs made by Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer. The Nichia LED is considered the Rolls Royce of LEDs. Featuring a 3-step MacAdam ellipse, the tightest binning in the industry, Nichia LEDs are held to a higher standard than minimum industry requirement and don’t color-shift like fixtures utilizing lower quality LEDs.
More Information
Lumens 40W/4060
Lumens 40W/4060
Efficacy (Lumens/Watt) 40
CRI 85+
Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
LED lifetime (L70) 100,000+ Hours
Operating Temperature 0°-65°C Max Ambient
Dimming Available with 0-10V inputs dimming down to 10%
Width (in.) 13.25
Height (in.) 17.5
Warranty 10 yr. Limited Warranty
Work Environment office buildings, hotels, condos & apartments, movie theaters, airport departure areas, canopies, outdoor markets and shopping centers
Wattage 40W
Brand Name Deco Lighting
Part Number BLLT-LED
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