Denver Auto Mart Case Study

The Challenge

Denver Auto Mart is one of Denver’s premier auto dealers with a reputation of putting customers first. Their existing lighting was becoming a maintenance nightmare with many lights in the lot out for long periods of time. The Interior lighting was originally designed for a rental car facility and was not optimized for car sales. The goal was to drastically improve light levels and quality while reducing energy use and maintenance.

The Solution

LED Supply Co. provided an innovative optimized package using Cree LED fixtures. Cree’s industry-leading efficiency and 10-year warranty guaranteed maintenance-free operation and maximized energy reduction. Utilizing Cree’s 90 CRI True White technology in the car lot provided efficiency while improving the vivid color rendering on the vehicles promoting increased sales.




Green Impact

Denver Auto Mart will achieve an estimated 61% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions by implementing this Lighting Efficiency Project.