Hobbs, New Mexico Case Study

City upgrades to RAB LED, gains return of $230,000 in the first year

In 2014, municipal officials from Hobbs, New Mexico decided to upgrade the city's lighting infrastructure using new ultra-efficient LED lighting technology. RAB LED fixtures selected for the project qualified for $91,000in utility rebates and saved $140,000in annual energy costs compared to the HID fixtures, they replaced. The new fixtures also deliver higher levels of light with improved uniformity that provides residents with added safety and security.

During the initial evaluation phase, Hobbs considered installing LED retrofit kits in existing HID housings. However, LED Supply along with an electrical contractor Bravo Lighting presented a more attractive and cost-effective solution; replacing old fixtures with new state-of-the-art products designed specifically to optimize the benefits of LED. Today, over 1,000 fixtures from RAB Lighting are installed across the 18.9 square mile city.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

In order to meet the city's stringent requirements, LED Supply was charged with finding a manufacturer who could provide an affordable product with outstanding quality while meeting the

aggressive eight-week project timeline. "It took us very little time to decide that RAB Lighting was the perfect manufacturer for this job. We were able to tell the story of RAB dating back to the very beginning of the company. This gave the municipality a lot of confidence in RAB as a whole for fixture quality, performance, and warranty purposes," says Joe Beimford of LED Supply Company.

The Solution and Benefits

"RAB has an extremely wide variety of fixture offerings and flexibility to fit nearly every application type for exterior lighting projects. We ran into every type of mounting, voltage, and color temperature variation possible. The contractor, Bravo Lighting, was able to utilize RAB's products to offer every fixture spec-ed as an a la carte option. The result was a much smoother, less labor-intensive and less time-consuming install for them," says Joe Beimford of LED Supply Company.

Investing in RAB LED lighting reduced energy consumption by about 70%, providing energy cost savings of around $140,000 annually. Plus, with 100,000-hour LED lifespan, maintenance and re-lamping

requirements were reduced dramatically, adding, even more, cost savings. All the RAB fixtures used on the project are DLC listed, which qualified them for $91,000in utility rebates.

The City of Hobbs is seen as a bright beacon, both literally and figuratively, in the middle of the New Mexican desert.

“I’m familiar with these LED lights and I think the public is going to be amazed how much more light they put out… Saving $140,000 a year, plus the $91,000 rebate is a no brainer.”

- Commissioner John Boyd, City of Hobbs.


Officials from surrounding cities have been invited to visit and experience firsthand the impact that this LED upgrade has had on the community and the project has been used as a model for initiatives in other municipalities in the region


Project Details

City of Hobbs, New Mexico
City of Hobbs 18.9 square miles
Total number of RAB LED fixtures:
(558) Area Lights (342) Wallpacks
(161) Floodlights (10) Bollards

Health Walk Trail: ALED2T78RG& ALED2T78RG/480 replaced 250W Metal Halide fixtures.

City Park, Del Norte Park, and Pool, Heltzer Park and Pool, Broadway Street Lights City Hall Parking Lot, Library Washington Park, Charlie Brown Park, DA Office, SnyderPark Triangle Park, Casa Building: ALED3T150 & ALED3T150/PC2 replaced 400W High Pressure Sodium fixtures.

Library Harry McAdams Park, Green Meadows Veterans Memorial Sports Complex, Zia Parking Lot, Little Heizer Park, Jefferson Reservoir HIAP Reservoir Senior Center, Snyder Park: ALED3T78 & ALED3T78/PC2 replaced 250W High-Pressure Sodium fixtures.

Library State Police Office, Crime Lab, DA Office, Electrical Shops, Municipal Court, Teen Center, Washington Park, Street Department Carport, OMV: SLIM26 replaced 175W MH fixtures, SLIM37 replaced 250W MH fixtures, SLIM57 replaced 400W MH fixtures.

Shipp St. Pavilion City Hall, City Park, Hobbs NM Greeting Sign, Cemetery, Police Shooting Range and Training Center, City Flag Poles, Park Shops and Picnic Shelter MLK SoccerPlex, Harry McAdams Park, Senior Center, City Garage, Library Hydro Reservoir: FFLED39T/SF replaced 175WM H, FXLED78T/SF replaced 250W MH, FXLED150T/SF replaced 400W MH floodlights.

Shipp St. Pavilion: BLED24 replaced 150W MH fixtures. OMV Flag Pole: LFLEDSA replaced 100W MH fixtures.

8 weeks with scheduled release dates
LED Supply Co, Denver, CO
Tavo Gutierrez, Bravo Lighting,
Lafayette, CO
Gazaway Electric
$140,000 annual energy savings 70% energy reduction

Rated for a 100,000-hour LED lifespan, based on JES LM-80 results and TM-21 calculations, RAB LED luminaires dramatically reduces maintenance and re-lamping costs. At 10 hours average daily use, RAB LEDs are rated to last 27 years.

Fully-gasketed, chip, and fade-resistant, die-cast aluminum the housing prevents entry of dust and ensures durability in outdoor and inclement-weather settings. RAB's 5-year no-compromise warranty covers light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish ensuring your investment is protected.