Lighting As A Service (LAAS)

Lighting-as-a-Service gives you a customized, high-quality lighting system without any of the hassles. Maintenance, repairs, and monitoring of the technology’s performance is included in your simple monthly payment. Even better, if the system doesn’t perform the way it should, you don’t pay! Lighting-as-a-Service is an inclusive and streamlined method for organizations like yours to install energy efficient LEDs. Traditional financing methods like commercial loans and capital leases are clunky. They require upfront capital, and if something breaks, you’re responsible for repairs.

Energy Savings Without The Hassle 

PAY THRU SAVINGSPay Through Savings
No upfront cost or external financing. Pay for upgrades through savings.
Ongoing Service Ongoing Service
Maintenance and monitoring of your LEDs performance is included in your contract.
Off Balance Sheet* Off Balance Sheet*
A stronger case for operating expense treatment based on agreement structure. 

Flexible End of Term Options

Extend Service Plan Extend Service Plan
Extend your contract with LED Supply Co. year-to-year for ongoing service and maintenance.
Upgrade to New Equipment
Upgrade or replace existing technology and enter into a new service contract for another term.
Purchase Equipment
Easy options and documentation for fair Market value purchase is avaliable.

Savings from day one!   


*Accounting treatment to be determined by the customer.