LED Rebates

Energy companies offer rebates to reduce project costs. We find out what rebates are available to you.

Rebate Application Assistance is one service in particular that allows us to stand out. With nearly every project we have completed, our clients have qualified for some form of rebates from energy companies as well as City & State governments. We make it a priority when recommending lighting fixtures to take full advantage of these rebate opportunities in order to make sure we are maximizing the total amount of rebate money available to our clients. As a courtesy, LED Supply Co. will take care of all paperwork related to rebates. In many cases, the rebates can cover up to 40% of project costs. We have found that taking on the burden of identifying all the rebate opportunities for our clients and filling out the necessary paperwork in order to qualify them for these rebates is one of the biggest benefits our company offers and our clients truly appreciate. Contact us about rebates for Colorado LED lights.

View our information sheets on rebates on lighting upgrades for healthcare facilities and on Xcel Energy's Mid-Stream Lamp Rebates.