Monthly Archives: January 2020

  1. DOE’s 2019 Energy Savings Report Summary

    DOE’s 2019 Energy Savings Report Summary

    According to a recent report from the Department of Energy, by 2035, LEDs are expected to comprise 84% of all lighting installations. This is a 62 quad cumulative energy saving, mostly driven by LED adoption in commercial and industrial buildings and outdoor lighting applications.

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  2. People, Planet, Profit

    People, Planet, Profit

    We’re pretty impressed with the corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts of some of our manufacturers and want to take the opportunity to recognize a few of them. We live in a moment where social and environmental responsibility is rapidly becoming more mainstream. Customers, and other businesses are seeking out companies who do their part to make the world a better place. 


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  3. LED Market Trends, Past and Future

    LED Market Trends, Past and Future

    This past year we celebrated 10 great years of being in the LED lighting business. As the New Year often provokes, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on industry trends that have impacted our business along the way, as well as looking forward to the future.

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