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  1. Can lighting affect productivity?

    Can lighting affect productivity?

    Is it any surprise that light affects even the most minor aspects of our lives? With this in mind, let’s take a look at the ways in which light can be used to enhance our productivity!

    The “color” of the light in a room is measured in temperature, from warm to cool. Warm lighting creates a sense of comfort and relaxation, like the soft glow from a crackling fireplace. Mid-temperature light is welcoming, but still promotes alertness - ideal for a conference room or shared space.

    Finally, cold lighting improves alertness, mood, and productivity, and lowers melatonin which reduces fatigue. Cold lighting is like a cup of coffee for the brain! In fact, it has been proven that blue light helps workers stay focused for longer periods of time. In a perfect world, we’d all have sun-drenched offices to work from, but with the addition of color-changing LED lights, you can turn any office into your ideal workspace!



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  2. How do LED lights work?

    How do LED lights work?

    Let’s Talk Lights!


    We all know LED lights are better for the environment, last longer, and are brighter than traditional bulbs. But how do LED lights even work?


    LED stands for Light Emitting Semiconductor. The most important part to understand is what a semiconductor is; most materials are either a conductor, which allows electricity to pass through, or an insulator, which does not. Some insulators can be charged or “doped” with electricity, thus creating a semiconductive piece of material. This semiconductor is used to make a diode, which in turn creates light. 


    Unlike other types of bulbs, LEDs do not rely on the creation of heat to produce light. In fact, LEDs produce very little heat. As more types of LED lights become readily accessible, people will begin to make the switch - not only for t...

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