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  1. What Are the Best Strip Lights?

    What Are the Best Strip Lights?

    Industrial strip lights are commonly used for businesses because of their clean look, and LED strip lights have many benefits, including a smaller energy footprint. 


    Let’s talk about some of the benefits of LED industrial strip lights.

    What are the best industrial strip lights?


    When it comes to purchasing industrial lights for your business, LED lights are some of the best you can buy. Here are three reasons why you should invest in LED strip lights.


    1. They last a long time. The best part about LED lights is how long they last. Not only do they last several times longer than traditional HID lights, but they do not weaken as time goes on. Investing in LED lights can save thousands over three years just in maintenance and replacement costs.
    2. ...
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  2. Common Problems with HID Lights

    Common Problems with HID Lights

    When you think of light bulbs, you most commonly think of HID lights. HID, or high-intensity discharge, light is an overarching term for gas discharge light. They are the oldest form of electrical light. While they are efficient and produce high-quality light, they have many disadvantages and problems.

    Common Problems with HID lights

    HID lights have a relatively long lifespan, high lumen output per watt, and a small physical size. However, the benefits end there. Not only do they waste 30% of the energy output, but they also can significantly deteriorate as the bulb ages. HID light also emits a significant amount of UV radiation, meaning HID lamps require filters to prevent harm to the items around them, whether it be fading of dyed items or serious injury to humans and other living creatures.

    HID lamps require time to warm up. While they may emit strong light once they’ve warmed up, It can take two to six minutes for them to do so. They also have a restrike t...

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  3. HID Light Meaning and History

    HID Light Meaning and History

    HID or high-intensity discharge lights is an overarching term for a gas discharge light. These lights are the oldest type of electrical light, and they’re most commonly used when high intensity and efficiency are required.


    HID lights are efficient and can produce high-quality light, but they may not be the best on the market.


    The history and meaning of HID lights


    HID light can be traced back to 1675 to a scientist named Jean-Felix Picard. He discovered that his mercury barometer will glow when shaken. This was the first sign of high-intensity discharge being observed. Progress was made in 1705 by Francis Hauksbee, who made a primitive version of the first lightbulb, and then again in 1857 with Heinrich Geissler, who used glasses and mercury to produce illumination. In 1901, Peter Cooper Hewitt created the first mercury vapor lamp. Finally, in 1913, Thomas Edison’s company shifted to sodium discharge lamps, proving more ben...

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  4. Where to Place Landscape Lighting

    Where to Place Landscape Lighting

    The right outdoor lighting can highlight important features on the property and give the yard the perfect amount of interest. During the day, bright colors and lush foliage can add curb appeal to your home, but these things are hard to see at night. Let’s talk about how to place landscape lighting.

    Where should you place landscape lighting?

    There are many different techniques for landscape lighting, including highlighting, selecting, and shadowing, but all these techniques can get lost if you don’t have a basic plan of action. When planning out your landscape lighting, the first step is to highlight the most important part of the property, which is your home.

    When placing lights around your home, you should focus on highlighting the sides of your house and any unique fixtures as well. Bullet flood lights, such as the maxlite 30w LED, are perfect for this.

    Once your house is illuminated properly, it’s time to line the walking paths. The best way to cr...

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