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  1. The Benefits of LED Floodlights on your Home or Business

    The Benefits of LED Floodlights on your Home or Business

    Floodlights are lighting fixtures that give off a high-intensity artificial light. They are typically used for large, poorly illuminated commercial spaces because they “flood” the area with light. Floodlights are vital for many places, including manufacturing plants, construction sites, parking lots, and open fields, but they can also be used around your personal residence.


    Where are three benefits to using floodlights around your property.


    1. Security. One of the most popular reasons for using LED floodlights outside is security. Because of how well they can illuminate the space, they are ideal for deterring unwanted visitors. Floodlights can be installed almost anywhere, and they can be motion-activated as well


    2. Longevity. Next, they last for a very long time. When compared with incandescent bulbs, LED lights last dozens of times longer, meaning it can be quite a while before you need to replace your outdoor lights. Esp...

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  2. What are High Bay LED Lights?

    What are High Bay LED Lights?

    It can be difficult to provide adequate lighting in a huge warehouse, especially one with high ceilings. Warehouses have different needs than residential buildings or other commercial buildings because they need plenty of light for the workers inside. One way to solve the lighting problem is to invest in LED high bay lights.


    What are High Bay LED Lights


    LED high bay lights are specialized industrial shop lights. They are designed for buildings with high ceilings because they can create powerful light along a long range, and it helps visibility better than traditional incandescent lights. These features make high bay lights perfect for many applications, both commercial and industrial.


    When comparing LED lights to other common industrial lighting technologies, LED lights have plenty of benefits. These lights start up faster, last significantly longer, and can be less susceptible to lumen depreciation. LED lights can also...

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  3. Why LED Lighting is Better Than Incandescent

    Why LED Lighting is Better Than Incandescent

    The traditional light bulb is an incandescent light. These lights are plentiful and cheap, but they may not be the best way to light your business or home. If you’re looking for an alternative light source that lasts longer and emits brighter light, you may be interested in using LEDs.


    Why LED is better than Incandescent


    Incandescent bulbs have their benefits. For example, they are cheap to manufacture and to purchase. They are widely available and adaptable to many different voltages, outputs, and currents.


    However, the downside to incandescent light bulbs is that they are terrible for energy efficiency and have a very short lifespan. Incandescent lamps have an efficiency of 10 lm per watt, and most of the energy they consume goes into generating heat. They also only last for around 1200 operating hours. This means that even though they are cheap, you will have to purchase them more frequently, leading to high maintenance c...

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  4. What is Soffit Lighting?

    What is Soffit Lighting?

    There are many unique ways to light your home or commercial real estate, and one popular way to do so is by using soffit lighting. In architecture, a soffit is the underside of any overhanging structure. This can apply to the area under roof overhangs or decks. Indoors, soffit generally refers to a drop ceiling around the edges of the room.


    What Is Soffit Lighting?


    Generally speaking, soffit lighting is the lighting that is placed on the underside of any overhanging structure. Soffit lighting can be direct or indirect. Direct lighting refers to light focused on a specific area or subject. Indirect lighting refers to low-level ambient lighting that does not count as sufficient light for a room or specific space.


    Soffit lighting can be used for many applications. Because it can hide light fixtures and produce an ambient glow, soft lighting is often used to set a mood in an interior. It can create many different atmospheres...

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