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  1. What is Canopy Lighting?

    what is canopy lighting

    Looking for the right lighting solution can be an overwhelming task because there are so many options, and the right lighting can make or break a space. Especially in an outdoor space, you want your lighting to do several things for you. For professional, outdoor spaces, canopy lighting is ideal because they offer reliable performance in all weather and are incredibly durable.


    Canopy lighting, also referred to as parking garage lighting, is a term used to describe outdoor and indoor lighting that is commonly surface, pendant, or recess mounted to a structure’s ceiling. They light the area below them, and they can be fitted with a clear or frosted lens to focus or dilute the light.


    While canopy lights come in halide fixtures and LEDs, LED lights provide a more energy-efficient commercial lighting solution. LED lights have many benefits over traditional l...

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  2. How Best to Use Landscape Lighting

    how to best use landscape lighting

    Landscape or garden lighting refers to the use of outdoor lights to illuminate properties. There are many benefits to utilizing landscape lighting, including safety, aesthetics, accessibility, and security. Let’s talk about the best ways to utilize landscape lighting.


    One of the major benefits of landscape lighting is increased safety and security. No matter where you are, safety is always a priority. Outdoor lighting illuminates your entrances and exits, windows, driveways, and stair railings. Illuminating these locations allows for better safety and helps gusts more easily locate your home. Another benefit to outdoor lighting is security. Generally speaking, burglars like an easy win, so timed lights can help you protect against intruders while maintaining your home’s aesthetic.


    When you are ready to start placing outdoor lighting, it’s important to st...

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  3. 3 Interesting Types of Decorative Lighting

    Interesting types of decorative lighting

    If you are looking to improve a room’s aesthetic, one of the first ways to transform your room is by changing the lighting. Adding decorative lighting is a quick and easy way to add interest to an otherwise simple space. Here are three types of decorative lighting that can transform your space from dull to exciting.


    1. Wall Sconces. Wall sconces are the ultimate decorative piece. They provide a small amount of light, so sconces are mostly utilized for ambient lighting. These light fixtures can be used to brighten up a dark hallway or decorate specific wall decor, but for the most part, they are stylistic additions to your home. They come in many styles, including contemporary fixtures to brushed nickel to lantern style. With so many options, you’re sure to find a style of wall sconce you like.


    2. Pendant Lig...

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  4. What are Troffer Lights

    troffer lights

    If you are looking for quality light fixtures for a commercial building, you may have considered troffer lights. It is estimated that over 260 million troffers are installed in commercial buildings in the United States, including in offices, hospitals, education facilities, and other buildings.


    What are troffer lights?


    Troffer Lights are recessed rectangular light fixtures designed to fit into tile ceilings. Traditionally these light fixtures were designed to accommodate standard fluorescent lamps, but fluorescent lamps are not as energy efficient as LEDs.


    LED troffer lights have three major benefits: Cost savings, reduced maintenance, and better light output than their fluorescent counterparts. LEDs can make a significant dent in the consumption of electricity for a business. By switching all lights to LED, there can be a...

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