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  1. How to Light a Room with Different Colors

    lighting a room with different colors

    It’s no secret that lighting can affect your body. While white or off-yellow light has become a norm indoors, different types of lighting can be more beneficial to helping accomplish tasks, helping you fall asleep, or elevating your mood.


    How to light a room with different colors


    If you are interested in giving your home extra visual appeal and utilizing the benefits of light, you may be interested in using different color lights in different rooms. The most common type of light used indoors is bright white, which casts a yellow tint. However, bright yellow light may not be best for a relaxing location. Instead, this light is great for places where you want to engage in vigorous activity, including a home gym or kitchen.


    For a bedroom or living room, it’s best to skip the yellow light and opt for something more soothing like a green hue. Green hues are known to be calming to the eye and body and can promote pleasant emo...

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  2. Benefits of Solar Powered Lighting

    benefits of solar powered lighting

    Solar lighting has become quite popular in the last decade, and for good reason. These lights offer many benefits, including being cost-effective, low maintenance, and great for the environment. Let’s talk about the benefits of Downlight Pendants.


    THREE Benefits of Solar Powered Lighting


    1. It’s cost-effective. One of the major benefits of solar lighting is for your wallet. Solar lighting is very cost-effective because the bulbs do not need to be replaced frequently and do not need electricity to run. Especially in a sunny area, the light from the sun provides plenty of energy to your lights.


    2. It reduces pollution. Because solar energy is a safe, renewable source of energy, utilizing them reduces harmful greenhouse emissions, shrinks your carbon footprint, and does not put a strain on water resources. If the environment is a concern for you, sol...

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  3. Different Types of Suspended Light Fixtures

    suspended light fixtures

    Suspended light fixtures are lights that hang from the ceiling by rod, cord, or chain. These lights provide ambiance or task lighting and are available in many sizes and shapes. They can accommodate a variety of bulbs, including incandescent, CFL, LED, and even linear fluorescent lamps. There are several types of suspended light fixtures: downlight pendants, uplight pendants, ceiling fans, and chandeliers.


    FOUR Types of Suspended Light Fixtures


    1. Downlight Pendants. Suspended downlights direct the light downward, and the distribution pattern can vary with the size and shape of the light fixture. These fixtures often shield bulbs from view using a translucent shade. These are commonly used throughout a home or business.


    2. Uplight pendants. These light fixtures are the opposite of downlights, and they direct light upward towards the wall. The wall serves as a reflector...

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