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  1. Hidden Benefits to Using LED Lighting

    led lighting

    A decade ago, LEDs were almost unheard of, but today, they are exceedingly common in our everyday lives. LEDs are being embraced from the workplace to people’s residential homes, and for good reason, because they have many benefits. Some of the most obvious benefits are energy savings, lowered heat emissions, and a longer lifespan compared to incandescent bulbs. However, LED lights have other benefits too. Here are three hidden benefits of using LED lights.

    Hidden Benefits to Using LED Lighting


    1. Better circadian rhythm. First, LED lights promote a more balanced circadian rhythm. LED lights are closer to natural daylight than incandescent bulbs, so the body responds to them more like they do sunlight. When you use LED lights, you are more energetic and awake during the day, making you calmer and more restful at night.


    2. Fewer headaches and migraines. Next, LED lights have been shown to decrease headaches and m...

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  2. Improved Lighting in Nursing Homes Reduces Falls

    nursing home lighting

    It’s no secret that falls in nursing homes can have major health and economic implications. Not only can it mean major surgery for the injured, but it can also spell disaster for the care facility. Lighting plays a huge part in alertness, sleep, and visual acuity, and all of these things have an impact on falls.

    Improved Lighting in Nursing Homes Reduces Falls


    A study done in July 2022 assessed the impact of upgraded lighting on the rate of falls in long-term care home residents. The study was done at four different care homes; two were upgraded to solid-state lighting, and the other two stayed as control sites.


    The solid-state lighting installed in the experimental sites increased short wavelength exposure during the day and decreased it overnight. The control sites maintained regular, standard lighting with no changes in intensity or spectrum during the day. Before the lighting upgrade, the rate of falls and all four locations w...

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  3. What Level of Lighting Should You Set Your Dimmable Lights At

    led lighting

    As technology gets better, LED lights have become more and more popular. They offer many benefits over incandescent bulbs, including price, longevity, and energy savings over time. However, if you are replacing old incandescent fixtures with LED fixtures, it’s important to make sure that you are replacing them with something similar to what you had previously. For example, if your incandescent bulbs were dimmable, it is important to make sure your LED lights are dimmable as well.

    What Level of Lighting Should You Set your Dimmable Lights At


    If you are replacing your dimmable incandescent bulbs with LEDs, you may be curious about what type you need. There are different types of LEDs for different spaces. If you are adding LED lights to a commercial space, you want to stick with 0-10V dimming. This is the most popular commercial fluorescent lighting. These dimmer switches are also easy to install and are great for DIY applications.


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