The Fascination of Light

At LED Supply Co. we get excited about light and how it affects human behavior and experience. We’d like to share some of our favorite highlights from our vendor, LEDVANCE’s blog that explores the fascination of lighting. 

 A few favorite fun facts picked up along the way: 

  • “Light painter” is a type of artist! Jan Leonardo uses long exposure photography and LEDs to capture dark landscapes in beautiful ways. 
  • Sunshine reduces feelings of pain in hospital patients. 
  • Light therapy boxes are used in high latitude environments to treat Seasonal Affect Disorder, a form of depression due to lack of sunlight. 
  • Human centric lighting designs lighting in accordance with the function of a space to facilitate its utility whether an office space, a movie theater, a hospital or a bedroom. 


From a biased position we certainly appreciate the articles that discuss the value of LEDs in various lighting applications. For example, the article discussing how color rendering index values of 90 or higher is important for clothing stores to assure customers can see the clothes as close to their true color as possible. Another article providing tips for hotel lighting, discusses how lighting has to be flexible for guests, providing multiple options to become a cozy or productive work space for example. In yet another article, safety is discussed regarding outdoor lighting and how it pertains to physical safety, such as being able to see where you’re walking to prevent injury and a sense of safety. One of our projects includes installing string lighting across a pedestrian friendly street in Denver. It’s incredible to imagine how this will contribute to neighborhood atmosphere, safety and sense of place. 


Check out the LEDvance Fascination Lighting Page here: