Smart Cities, Huge Impact, Huge Savings

Signify, one of our vendors, and the Climate Group, an international climate NGO, have partnered to work with cities and utilities to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting to save energy and tackle climate change. Cities have a unique opportunity to drive emissions reductions through technological innovation and to increase safety and smart spending while they’re at it. 

LEDs can cut 50-70% of energy spending compared to traditional lighting, which could put a dent in the fact that lighting accounts for 6% of all global CO2 emissions. In a recent webinar hosted by Signify and the Climate Group, Suzanne Seitznger of Signify discussed how smarter lighting can have a ripple effect when connected to software, networks, and city assets. It can, for example, promote smarter maintenance, by providing maintenance teams with more information before arriving on site. Suzanne also mentioned the power of smarter lighting addressing safety concerns related to pedestrian crossing and crime. With lighting that takes into consideration vertical profiles and contrast, it can contribute to lowering pedestrian fatalities at night, which makes up 75% of pedestrian fatalities generally. Sensors that measure motion or sound could also inform signage and future transportation planning measures. The granular data that smart lighting can provide could have a profound effect on the city services and quality of life that municipalities can help foster. 

The transition is already occurring in domestic cities such as San Diego, which recently retrofitted 14,000 connected street lights with LEDs. Philadelphia is also pursuing a sweeping transition, with over 8,500 already converted with plans to retrofit all 100,000 + high-pressure sodium lights in public spaces. This will save the city $5-6 million annually on energy spending, around ⅓ of the current $15 million annual spendings on lighting the city. The city has also discussed using smart technology and sensor data coupled with geographic crime data to use brighter lighting in areas of safety concerns. 

At LED Supply Co. we have long understood the value of large scale transitions to LEDs and the savings it can provide companies and cities alike. We recently worked with Sterling Ranch, a community in Colorado, to develop and implement our CitySafe™ product, an audio and visual mass notification system. 

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