temporary work lights

Temporary work lights are lights that are installed on a job site for a short amount of time while permanent fixtures are installed. Once the permanent fixtures are there, the temporary lighting is moved to a new job site. To work efficiently, you need good lighting, so it is important to factor this into any project. Let’s discuss three advantages of using LED temporary work lights on your job site.

Three Advantages of Having Temporary Work Lights on Job Sites


1. Long lifespan. First, LED lights have a long lifespan. An average LED light can last over 25,000 hours. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights can last several times longer, and when it comes to a long-term job site, LEDs will be more cost-effective than utilizing incandescent bulbs.


2. Good brightness. Next, LED lights are bright. When working on a job site, you want to have as much light as possible, and LED lights can provide that. Without getting too technical, when it comes to lumens per watt, LED lights have a higher output for the same amount of energy when compared to incandescent bulbs.


3. Low power consumption. Finally, they are low on power consumption. For a large job site, you may be utilizing dozens of temporary lighting solutions, and they can drain a lot of power if they are inefficient. If you are utilizing incandescent bulbs, you may be spending a lot of money just on lighting for the duration of the project. To make your project more budget-friendly, factoring in LED lights can be much better.


Safety is one of the most important things to be concerned about on a job site, and one way to protect workers is to ensure the job site is well-lit. When you start a project, you may not have the structure for permanent lighting, but you can still use temporary lighting in the interim. LED temporary lights offer many benefits, including long lifespan, quality brightness, and low power consumption. If you are interested in utilizing LED lights for a job site, LED Supply Co. has all of the items you need.