Greg Jacobs

  1. Compact Pro™ High Bay by Lithonia Lighting

    Lithonia NEW LED Compact Pro High Bay
    The Compact Pro™ High Bay by Lithonia Lighting® is the budget-oriented high bay designed for contractors from the ground up.
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  2. UFITTM and UFITRTM Now With nLight

    UFITTM and UFITRTM Now With nLight

    The UFIT and UFITR are the first low bays and industrial retrofit kits to come enabled with nLight® AIR from the factory. The nLight sensor is designed directly into the lens without changing the shape or size of the fixture, for a seamless look.

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  3. RAB W34 Ultra economy Wall Pack

    rab led W34

    The W34 LED Wall Pack from RAB Lighting introduced to mimic the traditional look, all the while saving energy and your amount of upfront cost. Available from 3,100 Lumens to 15,000 Lumens. This Wall Pack is 0-10V Dimmable making it compatible with the Lightcloud Wireless System from RAB. For an independent approach, this Wall Pack is also available with photocell or microwave occupancy sensor.

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  4. Ivelot Edgelit Area Light

    Ivelot Edgelit Area Light
    The IVELOT is a complete cutoff, fully shielded area light that minimizes glare while reducing light trespass, and is compliant with Dark Sky requirements.
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