Case Study : Colorado Convention Center

Colorado Convention Center 

With a full lighting retrofit by LED Supply Co., the Colorado Convention Center provides a safer working environment for its employees and the best possible experience for their guests.


The event halls at the Colorado Convention Center had 400W metal halide lamps with a short lifespan that required frequent maintenance.

Additionally, the existing magnetic ballasts that powered the lighting fixtures needed replacement often and were costly to change.

These fixtures took up to 15 minutes to reach full illumination and provided inconsistent color temperatures. 


These challenges were resolved by replacing the event hall lighting with LED linear high bay fixtures. The team replaced 1,600 400W metal halide high bays with just 800 360W LED high bay fixtures running at 50% capacity.


The Colorado Convention Center now enjoys higher and more consistent light levels, as well as a complete control system capable of dimming to 10%. This retrofit increased safety and improved the aesthetic experience within the Colorado Convention Center. 

Project Facts

  • Location: Douglas County, CO
  • Project Type: New Construction
  • First smart community of its kind
  • Recipient of the 2019 Smart 50 Award


The 150 high pressure sodium(HPS) bulbs at the Convention Center had lost color, and were no longer providing adequate lighting in these key transitional areas. Replacing the HPS bulbs with LEDs cut energy costs by 50%, and increased over-all lighting levels.


The 50 watt metal halide bulbs were replaced with LEDs, resulting in a 50% energy cost savings. Cove lights added above the stall, and LED tape behind the mirrors provide a greatly improved aesthetic experience in bathrooms across the Convention Center.

Meeting Rooms

Prior to the retrofit, adjusting the lights inmeeting rooms required employees to scale a 30ft. ladder, and manually move the lights to the desired position. After implementation color temperature, light output, beam angle and fixture direction are adjusted at the touch of a button via a tablet with this cutting edge lighting control system.

Parking Garage

To add visual interest, color-changing LED lights were implemented throughout the structure.