Case Study : Foothills Fieldhouse

Foothills Fieldhouse

The Foothills Park & Recreation District embarked on an initiative to enhance one of their most heavily frequented facilities. Renowned as one of Denver's premier indoor sporting venues, the Foothills Fieldhouse has garnered a reputation for prioritizing customer satisfaction. However, the preexisting lighting system had proven insufficient in delivering adequate illumination, leading to recurring maintenance challenges.

The Challenge

The facility had to rent a lift 2-3 times annually to address numerous lamp and ballast failures. Additionally, the existing lighting fixtures exhibited inconsistencies in color temperature, casting irregular shadows, and suffered from prolonged warm-up periods.

The primary objective of this endeavor was to significantly elevate both the quantity and quality of illumination, all while concurrently mitigating energy consumption and maintenance burdens.

Furthermore, the project necessitated the substitution of metal halide technology to withstand the rigors of the demanding environmental conditions.

Our Solution

LED Supply Co. seamlessly executed the replacement of 80 units, transitioning from a 400W HID fixture to the Litetronics 220W LED Highbay.

These newly installed fixtures were equipped with a robust High Impact Poly-carbonate Lens, designed to withstand potential impacts from objects like hockey pucks and soccer balls. Notably, the Litetronics 7-Year Warranty ensured uninterrupted, maintenance-free operation while maximizing energy efficiency.

The outcome of this upgrade is a consistently well-illuminated playing surface, completely eliminating shadowing. Moreover, the LED Fixtures offer instantaneous illumination without any warm-up period, ensuring that the light levels reach full power as soon as the game begins.

Green Impact

The Foothills Fieldhouse will acheive an estimated 52% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emmissions by implementing this Lighting Efficiency Project.

  • Carbon sequestered by 55.5 acres of trees
  • Reducing Green House Gass Emissions by 129,175 lbs
  • Removing 12 cars from the road

Xcel Energy Rebates

Xcel Energy granted the customer a significant rebate for the upgrade totaling $12,000 towards the cost of the materials and installation.