Sterling Ranch is a smart community located in Colorado.

Sterling Ranch

Sterling Ranch is a tech-centric development that relies heavily on smart city and smart home initiatives. We created CitySafe, a wireless visual and audio mass alert system.


LED Supply Co. created CitySafe a wireless visual and audio mass notification system, in conjunction with upgraded LED street lights.


Sterling Ranch and Siemens needed a modern solution for safety concerns beyond adequate lighting.

Project Facts

  • Location: Douglas County, CO
  • Project Type: New Construction
  • First smart community of its kind
  • Recipient of the 2019 Smart 50 Award

CitySafe Product Details

The CitySafe system is comprised of four pieces, detailed below.

Gateway G3+

The gateway allows communication between the wireless smart lighting nodes and management platform(SCMS). Each gateway independently manages a group of nodes, eliminating any dependence on a central server for normal operation and making the system redundant and robust. Communications are encrypted using 128-bit AES protocol for Digi radios. The Mesh connectivity uses 128-bit OMAC1 message integrity code.

SCMS Management Platform

The SCMS is the CitySafe management platform. It provides an intuitive web interface allowing users to manage the CitySafe users to remotely and in real time (configuration, monitoring and control). SCMS also provides strong security management keeping data and networks safe.

RME Smart Wireless Lighting Node

The RME wireless external node is an all-in-one complete and scalable lighting control system. It is suitable for both small and large networks (municipalities, car dealers, parks, commercial buildings, etc.) that use groups, zones, adaptive lighting, planning features and other advanced functionalities. The RME communicates with a wide range of Gateways (including the G3+) and management platforms (including the SCMS).The RME node allows you to closely monitor the energy consumption of each of your fixtures.  

All-in-One LED RGBA Beacon and Speaker

The LED RGBA beacon is a daylight-visible exterior-rated LED point of light ideally suited for a range of direct-view and beacon applications. Speaker features include a 6-inch high excursion woofer for rich powerful mid-range and a 1-inch coaxial tweeter for clear crisp highs and a smooth full range response. It has outdoor and marine capabilities providing high durability in environmental conditions.