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Red LED flood lights, in Blucifer, DIAs notorious sculpture

“Mustang” also referred to by the public as “Blucifer,” the blue horse sculpture located at the entrance of DIA, is iconic in the Denver area. Its muscular shape, large size, and piercing red eyes give pause to any onlooker. We were excited to learn that the eyes are red LED flood lights giving the sculpture an eerie quality at night. 

As lighting professionals, we love being surprised by new applications for LEDs. The eyes of a giant horse sculpture is something we never would have considered a perfect application. However, due to the sheer size of the sculpture and it’s outdoor location site, any maintenance or restoration required is intensive and probably costly for DIA. A recent CPR article explained that in the last 7 years, the airports electrical team has only had to change out the LEDs twice, reducing maintenance costs and energy wasted. Of course, there’s more to it than efficient LEDs. The red eyes, often mistaken as having a demonic nature, are a tribute to the artist, Luis Jiminez’s father who once owned a neon sign shop. 

Once again, LEDs are proving to be cost effective in their energy efficiency, high lighting quality and long-life characteristics!

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