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DOE’s 2019 Energy Savings Report Summary

Since 2002, the DOE has supported studies that predict LED market penetration in general illumination applications.The most recent, published in December 2019, “Energy Savings Forecast of Solid-state Lighting in General Illuminations Applications” provides the most recent industry predictions. LEDs will continue to grow in its market space. 

Here’s the data: 

  • By 2035, LEDs are expected to compromise 84% of all lighting installations.

  • It is a 62 quad cumulative energy saving, or $890 billion in financial savings. 

  • Future adoption and growth areas include commercial and industrial buildings and outdoor lighting applications, more specifically in linear fixture outdoor and low and high bay submarkets. 

  • The applications, characterized by high light output and long operating hours, will have the greatest value to consumers. 

  • LEDs integration with control and connected lighting will become increasingly important.

We're excited about where we are headed. Check out the full report here: 



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