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People, Planet, Profit

We’re pretty impressed with the corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts of some of our manufacturers and want to take the opportunity to recognize a few of them. We live in a moment where social and environmental responsibility is rapidly becoming more mainstream. Customers, and other businesses are seeking out companies who do their part to make the world a better place. 

At LED Supply Co. we have begun the process of forging our own CSR strategy. We’re proud to represent manufacturers who are committed to doing business with people and the planet in mind. Dialight has a robust CSR program with pillars in environment, people, health and safety, ethics and human rights. We’re particularly excited about their carbon emission reduction goals and commitments to working condition standards globally. 

Signify has a Foundation that promotes access and maintenance of lighting in underserved communities around the world. They understand that lighting is a privilege and can “transform darkness into places where people can work, learn and create.” Their foundation invests in the well being and dignity of people. 

We are happy to partner with ethical companies that value people, planet and profitability. Stay tuned for more information on our new LED Supply Co. CSR Strategy.


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