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We’re spotlighting Espen’s T5 and T8 RetroFlex Linear LEDs. These Type A products are quick and convenient to install and are compatible with controls and sensors.

We’re pretty impressed with RAB's new SWISH® FA LED Center Basket. It’s smart, easy, and sets the stage for any indoor application.

The Litetroincs 45-Watt 1’x4’ LED RetroFit is perfect for indoor applications such as ceiling fixtures, factories, general lighting, hospitals, office lighting, strip light fixtures, warehouses, and wraps. They feature a modular connector that enables the Retrofits to be daisy-chained in longer lengths than ever before.

Melody Flores
August 01, 2019

The W34 LED Wall Pack from RAB Lighting introduced to mimic the traditional look, all the while saving energy and your amount of upfront cost. Available from 3,100 Lumens to 15,000 Lumens. This Wall Pack is 0-10V Dimmable making it compatible with the Lightcloud Wireless System from RAB. For an independent approach, this Wall Pack is also available with photocell or microwave occupancy sensor.

Greg Jacobs
July 03, 2019
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