Let's Talk About how to Purchase Emergency Lighting

Whether you are purchasing new emergency lighting and signage or replacing what you had before, emergency lighting is one of the most important things you will buy for your business. The right emergency lighting can save lives, but the wrong lighting can do the opposite.


Let's Talk About how to Purchase Emergency Lighting


In business, there are rules and regulations for everything. So, it should come as no surprise that there are rules and regulations for purchasing emergency lighting for your business. If you are buying new lighting, the first thing you should do is contact your local building instructor or fire marshal to ensure you know exactly what the requirements are.


The requirements can vary. For example, some exit signs must have red lettering, while others require green lettering. Some locations simply require the lighting to be consistent within a facility. Because these rules can vary from city to city, it’s important to check these requirements first. There may also be regulations on how many exit signs your business needs to have, which can go by square footage or amount of doors.


Once you know the requirements, it’s time to start shopping for ideal emergency lighting. Because your emergency lighting must be visible at all times, it’s important to pick a cost-effective option. The most cost-effective lighting is LED lighting. While LED lighting can cost more initially, the energy savings make them a worthwhile investment. LED lights can also be brighter than traditional lighting, making your emergency lighting easier to see.


Purchasing emergency lighting and exit-only signs are a requirement for any business, but each city has its own requirements for emergency lighting. Some cities require the exit sign to be red, while others require it to be green. When investing in emergency and exit lighting, first check your local requirements. Once you know the requirements, consider using LED emergency lighting for your business because LED lights last for years and are also energy and cost-effective.