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Ivelot Edgelit Area Light

Protect the friendly skies. 

The IVELOT is a complete cutoff, fully shielded area light that minimizes glare while reducing light trespass, and is compliant with Dark Sky requirements.

Any way you want it. 

With several mounting options, the IVELOT supports a variety of applications, making it easy to light an entire site with the same fixture aesthetics. Universal pole mount, slipfitter mount and wall mount models available.

Put light where it’s needed. 

IVELOT's spec-grade optics are designed to offer Type II, III, IV, VS and Forward Throw distributions, to ensure you get the light where it's needed most.

You've got control. 

IVELOT is available with an optional integrated motion sensor, photocell or Lightcloud® Controller, which ensures the fixture is on when it's needed and dimmed or off when it's not. It is also offered with a 7-pin receptacle for use with other lighting control systems.

480V optional.

The IVELOT area light is available in 480 Volt option.

0-10V dimming available.

IVELOT comes standard with a 0-10V dimming driver for complete control of your lighting scene.

Get fast payback.

With energy savings of up to 70%, combined with the reduced maintenance cost that comes with installing LED, the IVELOT can pay for itself in no time!

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