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  1. Where to Place Landscape Lighting

    Where to Place Landscape Lighting

    The right outdoor lighting can highlight important features on the property and give the yard the perfect amount of interest. During the day, bright colors and lush foliage can add curb appeal to your home, but these things are hard to see at night. Let’s talk about how to place landscape lighting.

    Where should you place landscape lighting?

    There are many different techniques for landscape lighting, including highlighting, selecting, and shadowing, but all these techniques can get lost if you don’t have a basic plan of action. When planning out your landscape lighting, the first step is to highlight the most important part of the property, which is your home.

    When placing lights around your home, you should focus on highlighting the sides of your house and any unique fixtures as well. Bullet flood lights, such as the maxlite 30w LED, are perfect for this.

    Once your house is illuminated properly, it’s time to line the walking paths. The best way to cr...

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  2. The Fascination of Light

    The Fascination of Light

    At LED Supply Co. we get excited about light and the power it has in affecting human behavior and experience. Our vendor, LEDVANCE has inspired our most recent blog post. In it, we discuss their engaging content dedicated to the exploration of light in all forms and how it shapes our world.

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  3. People, Planet, Profit

    People, Planet, Profit

    We’re pretty impressed with the corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts of some of our manufacturers and want to take the opportunity to recognize a few of them. We live in a moment where social and environmental responsibility is rapidly becoming more mainstream. Customers, and other businesses are seeking out companies who do their part to make the world a better place. 


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  4. “The White Lighting Opportunity”

    Get a Grip On Lighting

    The “Get a Grip on Lighting” podcast hosted by Michael Colligan and sponsored by Keystone recently featured our CEO, Brian Stern and COO, Webb Lawrence. Titled, “the White Lighting Opportunity” the podcast outlines the founding of LED Supply Co., Webb and Brian's backgrounds, and their insights into trends in the lighting industry.

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  5. LSC Technologies joins Siemens Connect Ecosystem

    LSC Technologies joins Siemens Connect Ecosystem

    Siemens announces LSC Technologies, LED Supply Co's technology division, has joined the growing Siemens Connect Ecosystem, connecting experts in this innovative network of business and solution developers.

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