lights for led plans

Between seasonal changes and dark home designs, it can be difficult to ensure that your plants get enough light indoors. Plants can get the adequate amount of light they need indoors, but it will take some work. Let’s talk about the best lights for indoor plants.

What Lights Should You Get for Indoor Plants?


When selecting the best light for your plans, it is important to know what your goals are. If you are simply trying to provide your plants with adequate light, then violet-blue light in the 400-520 nanometer range will be the ideal light for your plants. If you are trying to promote flowering and budding, you will have to go a little higher and select a red light in the ranges of 610-720.


Next, you have to decide what type of bulb you want. Many people utilize incandescent bulbs because they are readily available and have a cheap initial cost, but LED lights can be much better for indoor plants. LED lights emit more light per watt when compared to incandescent bulbs, and they do not get as warm.


LED lights can also be adjusted to your plants’ needs. For example, if you need your LED light to be more red or blue, you can adjust the specifications to give your plant the most ideal light possible.


The best part about utilizing LED lights for your indoor plants is that you can increase the amount of light inside your space without increasing the heat or using more energy. LED lights have a high lumen to watt count as compared to incandescent bulbs, create far less heat, and last for far longer.