Can your LED retrofits do this?

litetronics fixtures

The Litetroincs 45-Watt 1’x4’ LED RetroFit is perfect for indoor applications such as ceiling fixtures, factories, general lighting, hospitals, office lighting, strip light fixtures, warehouses, and wraps. Ideal markets for this RetroFit include hospitals, offices, restaurants, retail, and schools. The 1’x 4’ Retrofits feature a modular connector that enables the Retrofits to be daisy-chained in longer lengths than ever before. This makes for a quick, easy, and efficient installation. 36 of the 16-Watt single tube products can be linked together and illuminated from one power source. Similarly, 18 of the upgraded 32-Watt or 12 of the new 45-Watt products can be linked and powered from one source. They can be connected with either a dual connector or 8” or 4’ cables, giving you extreme layout flexibility. All the 1’x 4’ products feature powerful earth magnets to facilitate positioning while fixturing the products. The modularity of these fixtures allow you to create an interesting and dynamic layout for your lighting in any office, warehouse, or any other place of business.