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Questions Answered About LSC Energy, Our New Endeavor

Jared Smith

In a few sentences, what is LSC Energy?

In the strictest sense, we are a solar and energy storage technology developer and EPC firm. In practice, the reality is that we’re a real estate service company that helps commercial and industrial facility owners get more out of their investments through energy technology. And we’re unique in the space as we complement our holding company, LED Supply Co, which focuses on facility energy efficiency and building energy management. As a result, our turn key solutions minimize energy costs, stabilize future facility O&M costs, and provide an additional revenue stream to real estate owners from two directions. You only really see that kind of comprehensive offering from companies much larger than us, and we’ve grown into this space because we are able to meet the demand we receive from our customers whose needs are simply not being met by larger but slower moving firms as solar and storage solutions continue gain appeal amongst a larger audience.

What inspired you to get in to solar? 

To me, solar is one of the few technologies today that is both accessible to almost anyone, and will be a driving force in our national economy and identity into the future. I often compare the solar industry today to the tech revolution of the 80s and 90s that was spurred by the personal computer and the internet – as the internet distributed information to the public, solar has distributed energy and made personal an individual or business’ energy ownership. And the implications of solar are so vast that you can approach it from many angles, be it technology manufacturing, policy, trade and supply, national security, or environmental to name a few. But those secondary markets and services are not made available without the initial development, which is why I have been drawn to that side of the business, laying the literal groundwork and infrastructure to build what will undoubtedly be an absolute titan in our national and global economy.

What does your role entail?

I consider myself extremely lucky to be in a position dedicated to driving business growth and meeting customer needs with new technologies in a really exciting solar market. I balance the management of LSC Energy with daily customer interaction and project development, which combines strategic and tactical initiatives. Today, the main strategic focus is to introduce LSC Energy and our capabilities, which are supported by such a well-established business ecosystem built by LED Supply Co and our sister companies including project finance and electrical contracting branches. And at the tactical level, we are working with multiple customers in several states and across industries to help them design the right system for their facilities, and understand the impact a solar asset would have on their operations and finances. As a result, I sit between the various stakeholders (customers, suppliers, utilities, financiers, etc.) to guide projects from an initial vision through development. So while the role is quantitatively and technologically based, it also has significant elements of creativity and teambuilding that makes it extremely fun and refreshing.

How is LSC Energy contributing to the solar industry?

I believe LSC Energy is filling a significant gap in the industry right now that has been left open because of the volatility that solar developers have faced in the past. We are positioned so well for two reasons: 1) we benefit from being part of a broader suite of companies that enhance our capabilities beyond the pop-up solar development shops without weighing us down with massive overhead or bureaucratic restrictions that burden larger players, and 2) we are laser-focused on the right segment of the solar economy at the C&I scale. To the second point, our company is built specifically for the C&I niche, from the technology and service providers we have decided to partner with, to the business cases we make. We know commercial real estate, and have already proven our ability to deliver exceptional results for our customers. These include retail and megastores, medium to large office, industrial and warehousing, planned and multifamily residential, manufacturing, municipalities, and even utilities. What’s so great about this space right now is that solar and storage costs and capabilities have come into the sweet spot for facility owners that we’re able to make extremely attractive business cases for the technologies vs. or in conjunction with other enhancements that could be made. There is so much growth potential as owners and investors realize that they very realistically can take full ownership of their energy, and we’re in prime position to make that a reality for them.

How can customers get started with you? 

I love brainstorming a project from the earliest stages, and am always happy to help explain the various types of technologies available as well as our process for putting them all together. Even if you’re totally unfamiliar with what solar can offer in terms of payback and other benefits, my goal is to help you make an informed decision on whether solar makes sense for your business. For customers already looking at solar options, I believe we have the best offering on the market and am more than willing to put our product against any competitor’s. This is all a long way of saying, feel free to call or email me anytime at the contact information below, and please visit our website at www.lscenergy.com for an overview of our services and to request a free design and quote for your building.

Jared Smith
Generation Project Manager
(720) 772-8366 | [email protected]

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