1. LED Market Trends, Past and Future

    LED Market Trends, Past and Future

    This past year we celebrated 10 great years of being in the LED lighting business. As the New Year often provokes, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on industry trends that have impacted our business along the way, as well as looking forward to the future.

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  2. Nuvo Lighting, a Trusted Decorative Lighting Partner

    Decorative Lighting

    Nuvo Lighting always delivers well-crafted products with style, value and quality. We’re excited about our partnership with Nuvo, whose mission and approach to lighting is similar to that of LED Supply Co. with a focus on energy efficiency.

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  3. RetroFlex tubes, a lamp for any application that’s easy to install!

    ESPEN LED tubes
    We’re spotlighting Espen’s T5 and T8 RetroFlex Linear LEDs. These Type A products are quick and convenient to install and are compatible with controls and sensors.
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  4. “The White Lighting Opportunity”

    Get a Grip On Lighting

    The “Get a Grip on Lighting” podcast hosted by Michael Colligan and sponsored by Keystone recently featured our CEO, Brian Stern and COO, Webb Lawrence. Titled, “the White Lighting Opportunity” the podcast outlines the founding of LED Supply Co., Webb and Brian's backgrounds, and their insights into trends in the lighting industry.

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  5. Can your LED retrofits do this?

    Can your LED retrofits do this?
    The Litetroincs 45-Watt 1’x4’ LED RetroFit is perfect for indoor applications such as ceiling fixtures, factories, general lighting, hospitals, office lighting, strip light fixtures, warehouses, and wraps. They feature a modular connector that enables the Retrofits to be daisy-chained in longer lengths than ever before.
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