1. Case Study: Alameda Connects Wadsworth Tunnel Project

    Case Study: Alameda Connects Wadsworth Tunnel Project

    Wadsworth Tunnel Project

    Alameda Connects was founded over thirty years ago in Lakewood, CO with the goal of "enhancing the economic vitality of the Alameda Corridor" by "implementing projects to beautify...the corridor’s image." The Wadsworth Tunnel Project is a part of Alameda Connect's larger plan to revitalize the Alameda Corridor, making areas safer and more inviting for pedestrians.



    The Wadsworth Tunnel was poorly lit, causing pedestrians to feel unsafe. Dim lighting also caused the tunnel to feel unclean, despite its overall cleanliness. Prior to this project, the light fixtures were installed in a manner that did not allow for adequate brightness.


    LED Supply C

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  2. Nuvo Lighting, a Trusted Decorative Lighting Partner

    Decorative Lighting

    Nuvo Lighting always delivers well-crafted products with style, value and quality. We’re excited about our partnership with Nuvo, whose mission and approach to lighting is similar to that of LED Supply Co. with a focus on energy efficiency.

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