We Are LED Supply Co.

LED Supply Co. has been your reliable source for commercial lighting for over a decade.

During that time, we have continued to expand our offerings. With a focus on being one step ahead in technology, we now offer several systems and devices that support safety, sustainability, and wellness.

Can you find the “LED” in our new logo?

Along with expanding our offerings, we have a brand new look! The colorful gradient of our new logo represents our focus on future technology, large-scale project management, and industry expertise.

These modern colors emphasize LED Supply Co’s genesis from an LED-centric company to a full-service supplier and project management firm. 

Since our inception, LED Supply Co. has been a different kind of supplier, offering over 300 lighting and technology brands, along with comprehensive project management. 

We’re looking forward to continuing to provide the quality of service you’ve come to expect, along with new products and services that may surprise you!