lighting a room with different colors

Businesses have all kinds of regulations, and one of the most important regulations is lighting. To ensure a standard, the United States Department of Labor has laid out rules to light a business location properly. For areas of operation, the regulations layout a minimum lighting intensity and foot candles. The measurement of foot candles is essentially one lumen for every foot.


Let’s talk about the lighting requirements for businesses.


As a general safety requirement, it is better to use more light than necessary to illuminate your business. However, if you want stricter guidelines to follow, the United States Department of Labor has you covered. In these requirements, certain areas must be better lit than others, based on importance.


General areas on vessels, such as accessways, stairs, and walkways, must be lit at a minimum of 3 footcandles. For landside areas, such as corridors, exits, stairs, and walkways, assigned work areas on a vessel, and landside tunnels, shafts, vaults, pumping stations, and underground work areas, the foot-candle minimum is five.


Landside work areas, including machine shops, electrical equipment rooms, carpenter shops, tool rooms, warehouses, and outdoor work areas along with changing rooms, showers, toilets, and break areas, must be lit at or above ten foot candles. And, finally, first aid stations, infirmaries, and offices must be lit at a minimum of 30 foot candles.


There are few requirements for the type of lighting that must be used in these locations. As long as the requirements are met, an old-fashioned lamp could be used in the space. However, this is inefficient, and the best way to light your business spaces is by using LED lights. LED lights last ten times longer than incandescent bulbs and perhaps 50 or a hundred times longer than a gas lamp. If you are looking for the correct signage for your business, LED Supply Co.has everything you need.