Get a Grip On Lighting

The “Get a Grip on Lighting” podcast hosted by Michael Colligan and sponsored by Keystone recently featured our CEO, Brian Stern and COO, Webb Lawrence. Titled, “the White Lighting Opportunity” the podcast outlines the founding of LED Supply Co., Webb and Brian's backgrounds, and their insights into trends in the lighting industry. Like any successful entrepreneurial duo, they saw a gap in the market, an opportunity to distribute a plethora of LED lighting products from many manufacturers to cater to customers needs, in a time of growing LED demand. 

Brian and Webb brought expertise in IT and sales from previous positions at radio stations and tech companies. They founded LED Supply Co. (LSC) over 10 years ago, and have since grown the team to over 50 employees in 3 offices, distributing for our robust line card of over 300 manufacturers. The company wins retrofit and new construction jobs from the parking lot at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium, to working with architects to design the lighting for new bars in Rino. In the podcast, Brian and Webb describe how the company has moved from 100% retrofits in the early years, to 40% new construction and 60% retrofits in a 4 year period. Rebates also play a significant role in the business as we help our customers save money and become more efficient. 

Believe it or not, LSC is more than just an LED distribution company. Brian and Webb have diversified the business by founding LSC Contracting, an electrical contracting business to enhance the new construction process for our customers and win some bids on bigger projects. When it comes to more design-oriented projects that feature decorative lighting, we partner with local businesses, because ultimately photometrics design for commercial and industrial lighting is our bread and butter. To learn more about some of LSC’s projects, check out some of our case studies ( Other entrepreneurial endeavors include founding a company called Puro (, focusing on UV disinfection, and creating a smart city solution called CitySafe™ ( To listen to the full story, check out the Get a Grip on Lighting Podcast.