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Maestro Dual Incandescent/Halogen Dimmer and Switch, Single-pole, clamshell packaging, wallplate included, White finish, 120V/300W dimmer, 2.5A switch in ivory
Controls 300 W incandescent or halogen loads and rated for 2.5 A incandescent/halogen, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low/voltage, LED/CFL, or fluorescent loads or general purpose fans. Dimmer (top) Tap on to preset light level; tap off. Tap twice for full on. Touch rocker to adjust light level. Dimmer advanced programming features available. Timer switch (bottom) Tap on to start timer; tap off; tap twice for untimed on. Touch rocker to adjust countdown time from 5-60 min. One minute warning before lights go off. Top LED is full on with no timer action. Single location only. Timer advanced programming features available.
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Part Number MA-L3T251-IV
UPC 027557289702
Wattage 300
Input Voltage 120 V
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