PURO Aurora UV Air Fan

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The Puro Aurora is whisper quiet with a 660 sq ft of coverage. The professional High-Performance UV-C Air Purifier w/ TiO 2 Screen Catalyzer is proven for a 99.99% reduction in contaminant load. Suitable for Class 1 & IP20 Rated. 

• Designed to provide continuous high quality UV air disinfection
• Wall-mounted or mobile versions
• 18,000 hour ozone-free pure quartz 254nm UV-C lamps
• Safe to use 24/7 in the presence of people
• Built with safety/tamper resistant fasteners to reduce any risk of UV exposure
• Built-in viewport for visual indication of UV disinfection
• Quiet operation at 44 dB
• 660 sq ft coverage area*
• Proven 99.976% reduction of aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 in a single pass
• 2 x 95W mercury vapor lamps
• 120-277V ballast
• Includes 3-prong 120V plug for easy use
• On/off switch
• IP20 rating


A titanium dioxide TiO2 nano-structured photocatalyst which oxidizes then degrades VOCs when activated by high  emission UV-C lamps placed inside the UV Air Fan device.


These devices (except for the models with support) should be installed on the wall, at the center of the room, about 6 feet above ground level (avoid positioning at corners; the air captured and treated by the device must be allowed to circulate through the room unhindered). Final disinfection result is related to a higher or lower value of germs in the air during the UV disinfection process. To install the device on the wall use the two triangular brackets enclosed in the packaging. Screw the brackets to the threaded holes on the back side of the device by use of bolts (M6x10) enclosed in the packaging. Make 2 holes on the wall by checking the center distance between the brackets. Secure the device to the wall by means of two expanding wall plugs (8 - 10 mm) (not provided).

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Brand Name Puro Lighting
Part Number AU-2L-95
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