Deco Lighting D829-LED Acorn Series

• LEDs are mounted to the inside of the trim which also doubles as a heat sink for optimal heat dissipation.
• This process allows the heat generated by LEDs to exit the globe helping achieve a minimum of 100,000 hours of continuous operation at ambient temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 95°F (+35°C ).
• A two-piece, post top component which features precise prisms achievable only through injection molding.
• The prisms provide pleasing daytime “prismatic sparkle” and provide excellent uniformity, light distribution and efficiency for nighttime performance.
• Each power supply (driver ) is UL 1310 compliant, operating from a 60 HZ +/- 3 HZ AC line over a voltage ranging from 95 volts to 280 volts.
• Each driver is an efficient switcher with a power factor of greater than 0.91 with an input current of less than 20% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
• Fluctuations of the line voltage have no visible effect on the luminous output.
• Each driver includes voltage surge protection to withstand high repetition noise transients while meeting emission limits as set forth by the FCC Title 47, Subpart B, Section 15. 347-480 volt 50/60 HZ driver available at an additional cost.

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Product information

The D829-LED Acorn Series is a traditional architectural style fixture; rated for 100,000 hours life. Applications include decorative lighting such as parks, recreational areas, walkways, pathways, and area lighting.

Photometric Characteristics

Lumens N/A
Efficacy (Lumens/Watt) 20W/2030, 40W/4050, 50W/5075, 60W/6090, 80W/8120
CRI 80+
Color Temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
CCT Down N/A
LED lifetime (L70) 100,000+ Hours
Operating Temperature 0°-60°C Max Ambient
Color Temperature N/A
Dimming Available with 0-10V inputs dimming down to 10%
Optics N/A
Dimming N/A
Distribution N/A
Diffuser N/A
Optics N/A
Lifetime (L80) N/A


Length (in.) 9.13
Width (in.) 15.9
Height (in.) 23.16
Length N/A
Size N/A
Height N/A
Pendant Stem Length N/A

General Characteristics

Equivalency N/A
Mounting N/A
Pole or Tenon Size N/A
Options N/A
Warranty 10 yr. Limited Warranty
Bulb Type N/A
Base Type N/A
Lens N/A
Reflector N/A
Housing N/A
Clips N/A
Finish N/A
Lens Type N/A
Guard Style N/A
Guard Shape N/A
Housing Depth N/A
Arm N/A
Refractor N/A
Reflector N/A
Style N/A
Trim N/A
Type N/A
Finish Color Bronze, Black, White, Custom
Work Environment parks, recreational areas, walkways, pathways, and area lighting.

Electrical Characteristics

Wattage 20W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W
Voltage N/A
Wattage N/A
Max Output Current N/A
Input Voltage N/A
Output voltage N/A
Power Factor <0.91
THD 20%
Output Down N/A
Output Up N/A
Linking Lengths/Qty N/A

Product Information

Brand Name Deco Lighting
Application N/A
Special Features N/A
Environmental Conditions N/A
Standard N/A
Sub Brand N/A
Fixture Type Area Light
Number of Lamps N/A
Construction N/A
Reflectors N/A
Diffuser N/A
Mounting Post Top 3” Tenon, Other Tenon MT