Columbia Contemporary LED Wall Wash - CWW

CWW is an attractive high performance wall wash with a narrow aperture and a clean, finished appearance.
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Product information

CWW is an attractive high performance wall wash with a narrow aperture and a clean, finished appearance.

CWW provides uniformity of 5:1 on vertical surfaces from ceiling to floor.

Narrow 3" aperture creates clean finished appearance Proprietary optical design provides excellent vertical uniformity while maintaining visual comfort Multiple optical distributions for varying wall wash applications 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 (up to 150,000 hours projected life) for reduced maintenance Four LED color choices and standard 80 CRI Optional 90 CRI for color sensitive applications Six lumen packages with outputs up to 1300 Lm/ft Best in class efficacy with up to 116 lpw Multiple driver options to satisfy different applications LED modules and electrical accessible from below QR code traceability Integral battery pack optional on most models Five year warranty (Terms and Conditions apply) DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified - see; Chicago Plenum Chicago Plenum Rated NYC Compliant

Photometric Characteristics

Lumens N/A
Lumens N/A
Efficacy (Lumens/Watt) N/A
Color Temperature N/A
Operating Temperature N/A
Color Temperature N/A
Rated Life N/A
Dimming N/A
Optics N/A
Dimming N/A
Distribution N/A
Optics N/A
Distribution N/A
Performance N/A


Length (in.) N/A
Width (in.) N/A
Height (in.) N/A
Length N/A
Size N/A
Height N/A
Size N/A
Sizes N/A

General Characteristics

Equivalency N/A
Mounting N/A
Options N/A
Warranty N/A
Bulb Type N/A
Base Type N/A
Lens N/A
Reflector N/A
Housing N/A
Clips N/A
Finish N/A
Lens Type N/A
Guard Style N/A
Finish Color N/A
Work Environment N/A

Electrical Characteristics

Control Wiring N/A
Sensor/Wireless N/A
Wattage N/A
Voltage N/A
Cord & Plug N/A
Wattage N/A
Max Output Current N/A
Input Voltage N/A
Output voltage N/A
Power Factor N/A
Linking Lengths/Qty N/A
Charge Mode Power N/A
Controls N/A
Cord & Plugs N/A

Product Information

Brand Name Hubbell Lighting
Model Number N/A
Application N/A
Special Features N/A
Environmental Conditions N/A
Standard N/A
Sub Brand N/A
Fixture Type N/A
Number of Lamps N/A
Construction N/A
Reflectors N/A
Diffuser N/A
Mounting N/A