NICOR was formed in the early 1980's in order to fulfill a need for ceiling fans within the Lighting Showroom niche of the lighting market. Working closely with designers and product specialists, NICOR was the first company to introduce the "Uni-Pack" concept of having the fan, blades, and light kit all in one package. NICOR continues to expand and was quick to embrace sustainable energy solutions and efficient products. We offer many LED and fluorescent lights that are more energy efficient and cost-effective. The growth of NICOR has been steady and consistent in large part due to its reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality standards.
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  • HB1-6B-UNV-50K-W


    SKU: HB1-6B-UNV-50K-W

    Brand: Nicor

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  • NICOR OPL41RD25BZ 4" Pole for Area Light - Round 25'
    Unit Price: $929.87
  • NICOR OPL41SQ25BZ 4" Pole for Area Light - Square 25'
    Unit Price: $977.38
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