Streetworks GAN Galleon LED

ENERGY STAR qualified. Learn more at
80, 90 or 97 CRI
2400K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K
D2W option - LED warms from 3000K to 1850K
Standard 0-10V driver dims to 1%
Cast or spun aluminum reflectors
Compatible with WaveLinx and LumaWatt Pro connected lighting systems
Available with 15 Degree, 25 Degree, 40 Degree and 55 Degree distributions
Easy disconnect for LED engine replacement and installation
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Product information

The Galleon LED Flood luminaire combines the low-profile design of the Galleon with the mounting angle flexibility of a pole-mounted floodlight to illuminate large areas. With a maximum tilt angle of 60 from horizontal, and patented, high-efficiency AccuLED Optics technology, the Galleon LED Flood provides uniform and energy conscious illumination for parking lots, container/rail yards, highway projects or any large area application. Fixture mounts direct to pole or to a bullhorn or 2-3/8" 3" O.D. pole-top tenon. IP66 rated and UL/cUL Listed for wet locations.

Photometric Characteristics

Lumens N/A
Lumens N/A
Efficacy (Lumens/Watt) N/A
Color Temperature N/A
Operating Temperature N/A
Color Temperature N/A
Rated Life N/A
Dimming N/A
Optics N/A
Dimming N/A
Distribution N/A
Optics N/A
Distribution N/A
Performance N/A


Length (in.) N/A
Width (in.) N/A
Height (in.) N/A
Length N/A
Size N/A
Height N/A
Size N/A
Sizes N/A

General Characteristics

Equivalency N/A
Mounting N/A
Options N/A
Warranty N/A
Bulb Type N/A
Base Type N/A
Lens N/A
Reflector N/A
Housing N/A
Clips N/A
Finish N/A
Lens Type N/A
Guard Style N/A
Finish Color N/A
Motion Range N/A
LED Head N/A
Work Environment N/A
Remote Heads Powered N/A
Letter Colors N/A
Housing Color N/A
Battery N/A
Flange N/A
Photocontrol N/A
Lamp Type N/A
LED Type N/A
Shielding N/A
Driver N/A
Driver Type N/A
Packaging N/A
Door/Glass Type N/A
Number of Lamps N/A
Motion Sensors N/A
Series N/A
Integrated Sensing Systems N/A
Reflector N/A
Face Options N/A
Arrow Options N/A
Signage Options N/A
Ballast Type N/A
Coverage N/A
Self Diagnostic N/A
Head Shape N/A
Spacing N/A
LED Lumen Package N/A
Ambient Rating N/A

Electrical Characteristics

Control Wiring N/A
Sensor/Wireless N/A
Wattage N/A
Voltage N/A
Cord & Plug N/A
Wattage N/A
Max Output Current N/A
Input Voltage N/A
Output voltage N/A
Power Factor N/A
Linking Lengths/Qty N/A
Charge Mode Power N/A
Controls N/A
Cord & Plugs N/A

Product Information

Application N/A
Brand Name Eaton
SKU GAN Galleon
Model Number N/A
Special Features N/A
Environmental Conditions N/A
Standard N/A
Sub Brand Streetworks
Fixture Type N/A
Construction N/A
Reflectors N/A
Diffuser N/A
Mounting N/A